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MSL compiles using gcc (the GNU compiler) under Linux or Mac OS X.

After downloading (and uncompressing if needed), you will find the following directory structure:

  • the Makefile
  • the src/ subdirectory contains the source of all objects
  • the programs/ subdirectory contains the source of some distributed programs
  • the tests/ subdirectory contains some test programs (at this stage the test are messy and won't necessarily work, either because broken by an API change or because the reference a file that is not distributed)
  • the examples/ subdirectory contains example programs that are described in this tutorial.
  • the exampleFiles/ subdirectory contains some files required by the example programs.
  • the bin/ subdirectory is where all compiled programs are created
  • the objs/ subdirectory is where all compiled objects are created
  • the myProgs/ subdirectory is the place where to save your own programs

To compile MSL go into the trunk subdirectory (the one that contains the Makefile) and type

make objects

This will compile all objects and place them in the objs/ subdirectory.

To compile a specific program – for example the example_AtomContainer_usage.cpp in the examples subdirectory – use the following:

make bin/example_AtomPointerVector

The program example_AtomPointerVector will be created in the bin/ subdirectory.

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