PyMOL Python Interface

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Install PythonMSL plugin

  1. Install PyMOL by going here:
  2. First you need to make the library ( Pre-compiled libraries should be available in the future )
    1. Download MSL
    2. make all objects via make
    3. make pythonLin or make pythonMac (depending if you are on linux or mac)
    4. On a Mac you need to ln -s MSLDIR/ /Applications/
  3. Copy MSLDIR/exampleFiles/ to ~USERNAME/

Using PythonMSL

After loading a PDB file, in the PyMOL window, type getSasa("all")

For Developers

Need to install development libraries for Python, can be installed by default when python is installed, but you need to make sure you have Python.h and the associated library. Check the Makefile for paths where it was installed on MacOS 10.5 and Ubuntu 9.10