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Automated checkin

In the MSL repository exists a "scripts" directory. Inside should be 3 files: . The primary driver of svn submission is

> cd $MSLDIR
  • To add new files, or to submit modified files, run:
>python ./scripts/ --f <file1,file2,file3> --m <description of changes,additions>

Note, you can submit multiple files, each with different descriptions if you wish. For instance, you can run:

>python ./scripts/ --f file1.cpp --m "This is a message for file 1."
>python ./scripts/ --f file2.cpp file2.h file3.cpp file3.h Makefile --m "This is a message for files 2 and 3, plus the Makefile."

When you run submit in this way, the files are not yet submitted. The script simply keeps track of the files that you intend to submit.

  • Once you are ready to submit all of your files, run:
>python ./scripts/ --now --user <Sourceforge username>

This will then pull a fresh tree, copy over the files you have indicated previously when running -f, and then build the tree. Provided the build completes successfully, the files will then be submitted to the repository. If the build fails, you'll see an error message. You can correct the error and then run -now again.

Use multiple cores (example 8):

 >python ./scripts/ --now 8